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Closeout Sharp HE HTSB600 Audio Sound Bar System (Black)

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Sharp HE HTSB600 Audio Sound Bar System (Black)

Product Description

Sharp Electronics Corporation introduces 5 new sound bar systems which offer powerful audio and contemporary styling for home theaters in apartments, dens and bedrooms, or any room with limited space. In fact, the new HT-SL70 and HT-SL50 sound bars are the world's slimmest and can be conveniently placed in front of large flat screen TVs or wall mounted. Key benefits included within this line, which feature both single speaker and single speaker/subwoofer systems, include flexible placement options, high performance speakers, subwoofers and digital amplifiers, as well as 3D Video format compatibility via HDMI 1.4 with Audio Return Channel, as well as Dolby, DTS and SRS decoding. Each model is designed to offer a sleek aesthetic complement to flat screen TVs.General Information - Manufacturer - Sharp Electronics; Manufacturer Part Number - HT-SB600; Manufacturer Website Address - sharpusa; Brand Name - Sharp; Product Model - HT-SB600; Product Name - HT-SB600 Speaker System; Product Type - Speaker System; Miscellaneous - Green Compliant ; Miscellaneous - Green Compliance Certificate/Authority - Energy Star; Audio - Sound System - Dolby Digital, DTS; Audio - Speaker Configuration - 3.1; Audio - RMS Output Power - 400 W

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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #3914 in Home Theater
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Sharp
  • Model: HTSB600
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 1.00" w x 1.00" l, 30.10 pounds


  • Audio - Sound System - Dolby Digital, DTS
  • Audio - Speaker Configuration - 3.1
  • Audio - RMS Output Power - 400 W

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

36 of 39 people found the following review helpful.
5better then expected
By RReed
We bought a Sharp LC60LE632U 60-inch 1080p 120 Hz LED-LCD HDTV and was really disappointed with the built-in speakers of the TV. We decided to get some better sound to match the TV but I didn't want to use multiple remotes so we thought we would try another Sharp product. I was very happy to find out that when connected via HDMI to the Sharp TV, the TV controls control the sound bar as well. It turns on and off with the TV (no additional steps needed) and the normal volume control turns the volume up on the sound bar. The TV automatically muted the built-in speakers as well.

As for sound quality, we are very happy with it. We have a large room and it fills the whole room with sound. granted it's not 7.1 but we don't care since we are not huge into sound and video but it works great for us.

The only con we have is that the amp and sub are a bit bigger then we thought they would be but not bad.

26 of 27 people found the following review helpful.
3For the money it's good, but with one major caveat.
By I. R. Smart.
While Sharp markets this set to go with a flat-panel TV (which it does, just fine), I've actually found a home for this in my bedroom. With the receiver on the left of my dresser on the floor, and the subwoofer on the right of my dresser on the floor, the speaker bar sits happily on top of the dresser and fills the bedroom with great sound.

I have perhaps a non-standard setup going here. With the speaker bar in the bedroom, I have an Apple Airport Express connected digitally to the system with an optical cable, - and I play my music from my iPhone or my iMac wirelessly.

How does it sound? Great. Really, really great. Perhaps a little treble-y (fixed by remote adjustments), but very full and vibrant.

Admittedly I was a little bit leery of the fact that the subwoofer has no power cable. An unpowered subwoofer? What on earth? Surprisingly, though, I found myself turning the volume of the subwoofer down once I got some tunes running. It's quite thump-y for its size, it is!

Setup was pretty easy, though the speaker wires are not the highest quality in the world (but what do you expect for the money you're spending?). They're very thin, maybe 20 gauge? In any case, they're more than sufficient for this task, and I'm not sure that it's worth spending the money on anything better.

There are a few cons, though:

1.) This is my biggest issue: There's a fan inside the receiver/amplifier, and in a quiet room I can hear it easily from 8 feet away. Generally I don't hear it at a loud speaker volume, but if you're sensitive to such things you might. It's not an annoying high-pitched sound, thankfully, but it is there (like a small desk fan). Interestingly if you turn the volume down to 0 (zero), the fan shuts off. I have no idea why the fan needs to be on so loud/fast, but that's just how it goes. If you sit far enough away from the receiver you won't hear it, but in a reasonably quiet room it's easily audible at low speaker volume if you know what you're hearing. I find it very, very distracting.

For another reference, I'm currently sitting around 15 feet from the receiver this evening, and even with some light pop music playing I can STILL hear the fan above it. The odd thing is that the fan is blasting extremely cold air. I can't help but think that Sharp set the fan modes incorrectly on this model, causing it to blow air at full blast rather than a slower speed...

2.) The speaker bar has three sets of speaker wire going into it at three different places along the bar (right, center, and left). While it makes sense to have three sets for three speaker drivers, it might have been tidier for some of that cabling to be internal so all the cabling could connect close to each other. Not a big deal, but still, - cleaner that way.

3.) Why are there no batteries for the remote included? Why, Sharp? WHY? I can't think of the last time something like this didn't include the batteries (2x AAA if you're wondering).

Overall this could have been a great set. It's extremely well packaged (perhaps TOO well in huuuuge box), and very easy to put together. Aside from the fan problem, the other issues are minor nitpicks, but for those will small-to-medium-sized rooms who want something "better" without the intrusion of giant speakers and subwoofers, this may well have been one of the best sets you could buy in 2011, if it weren't for that annoyingly loud fan!

If Sharp can address the fan-noise issue - or if it's not something that will bother you - this set is easily deserving of 4.5 stars out of 5.

For me, though, 3 stars out of 5.

*EDIT Dec 1, 2011*

A call to Sharp USA this morning yielded nothing helpful. They basically have no idea about the fan issue. I may have to open the unit up and figure out how to slow the fan down with some clever engineering! :-)

14 of 16 people found the following review helpful.
4Great Sounding Sound Bar Speaker System, but pricey
By D. Truong
If you're looking a solid great sounding sound bar system, this Sharp system definitely delivers the goods. It's very easy to set-up and has easy to understand set-up instructions and diagrams. Even without looking at the diagrams I think the average person should not have any problems setting this system up. For example, the speaker wires are all color coded and there really is very little actual set-up required. This system is loud enough to fill a small to medium living room. It'd be perfect for an apartment/condo/dorm... or 'man cave' :) As for the sound quality, the speakers deliver very crisp highs and good booming bass on the lower end of the spectrum. It actually sounded better than my expectations. I tested out some Blu-ray action movies and was very impressed with the realistic sounds... especially the gunshot noises and explosion. For it's size, this system does pack a big punch. I only have a few small complaints and they are very minor. The system comes with pre-made settings such as sports, news, cinema... etc. The only setting that sounded really good to me was the cinema setting. Actually, the cinema setting sounded amazing and it's what I'd plan to use for everything. But it would've been nice if the other settings sounded good too. To be fair, you can customize your own sound settings... so this isn't a big issue at all but I felt that I needed to mention it. Another minor annoyance is that the system comes with a blue LCD that displays things such as what sound setting you're using. The problem is that it's pretty hard to read unless you're only a few feet away. One nice thing about it is that there is a dimming option to dim down the back-light of that lcd so that it's not too bright or distracting. Finally, although this sound-bar system sounds pretty darn amazing... I'm not sure it warrants such a high price tag. At the current price (about 4 Benjamins) you could easily go with a nice 5 speaker surround sound product that would most probably deliver equal or superior sound. Although if you are considering a space saving unit that has easy set-up, I suppose this would be the better option. If you are totally set on getting a sound bar system, I would definitely recommend this awesome sounding system. One other cool thing that's included is a wall-mount for the sound-bar.

-Sounds Awesome. Very balanced sound with crisp highs and good bass with little to no distortion. Bass packs a good punch!
-Very easy setup. Nice visual instructions too. You shouldn't have any problems with setup at all.
-Small form factor with Big Premium Sound. Perfect for Apartments, Dorms, man-caves... small to medium living rooms.
-Built-in equalizer sound settings, custom options too.
-LCD light has dimming options
-Wall mount for Sound-bar included
-AM/FM antenna and tuner is built-in to system.

-Hard to read LCD display
-Relatively high price tag for a non-surround sound unit.
-As far as the preset equalizer sound settings go, only the cinema sound mode sounded really good to me.

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Sharp HE HTSB600 Audio Sound Bar System (Black) Reviewed by William Butler on Thu, 14 Feb 2013 05:30:46 GMT . Rating: 4.5

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